Easter Reopening for in Person Services

governor.wv.gov “Guidance for Religious Entities and Funeral Homes” Nov 12, 2020.
cdc.gov “Considerations for Communities of Faith” Dec 30, 2020.

Our goals:

  1. Keep everyone as safe as possible.
  2. Adhere to the layered approach to protection.
    1. Hand washing/sanitizing
    1. Masks
    1. Distance
    1. Vaccination
  3. Worship together as safely as possible.
  4. Provide help where we can.

What members should do:

  1. Get fully vaccinated at least two weeks before coming to services if possible.
  2. Wear a mask if you are able.
  3. Family units sit together.
  4. Stay 6 feet from others if possible. Sit at ends of pew, skip a pew in between.
  5. No hand shaking, hugging or other physical contact.
  6. Sanitize your hands upon coming into the church.
  7. Don’t touch anything you don’t have to.
  8. Wash and sanitize your hands after going to the restroom. Only one family in restroom at a time.
  9. Sanitize your hands when leaving the church.
  10. Don’t congregate in Narthex before or after service. Weather permitting, please socialize outside.
  11. Don’t come, or leave immediately if you have any of the COVID-19 symptoms.

What the church will do:

  1. Sanitize community areas (door handles, bathrooms etc).
  2. Provide masks/gloves if needed.
  3. Ushers will wear masks and gloves.
  4. Ushers will hold open doors etc when possible.
  5. No bulletins (we’ll show it on the screen).
  6. No hymnal use (Praise Team will do the music).
  7. No singing except the Praise Team (you can hum!)
  8. Mark off every other pew for separation.
  9. Praise Team singers and Kyle won’t be wearing masks, but they’ll be far away from folks.
  10. No snacks or other things easily touched by others.
  11. Take attendance so if contact tracing is necessary, we know your names.
  12. Communion service, when held, will use packaged elements.
  13. Continue to have online services for those who cannot attend in person.