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Director of Children and Youth Ministries Wanted

Teays Valley Presbyterian Church is searching for a dynamic disciple of Jesus Christ to develop and lead their children’s and youth ministries. We are looking for a Christ-centered, Biblically-literate leader who understands and relates well to the youth of today, and who can lead them into maturity in their relationship with Jesus Christ. We desire a leader who loves young people and has a burden to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and to disciple youth in their walk with the Lord. We seek a follower of Jesus who is not satisfied with the status quo and is on the cutting edge of youth ministry and who can take Christian principles and help the youth of today to see their value in everyday life.

If you think you are that person, or may know someone who is, please send resume to:

Dr. Kyle W. Key, Pastor
Teays Valley Presbyterian Church
5339 Teays Valley Rd.
Scott Depot, WV 25560
Email address: kylekey@teaysvalleypresby.com

(You may also contact the church office for more information at (304 757-6073)


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Teays Valley Presbyterian Church
Director of Children and Youth Ministries
Job Description

Vision: The purpose for this new position is to develop a welcoming environment where children and youth can be nurtured in their relationship with Jesus Christ and our church family. The Director of Children and Youth Ministries will develop and oversee a discipleship ministry program to prepare our children and youth to think Biblically and make positive contributions to the world around us.


The Spiritual nature of the Director of Children and Youth Ministries must be anchored in a firm commitment to Jesus Christ, which exhibits itself in an attitude of Christian love and passion towards all young people.  The Director of Children and Youth Ministries will:

  • Look for and use all opportunities to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all young people inside and outside the Church.
  • Make social activities to excite and attract young people.
  • Motivate young people to invite friends to youth functions.
  • Develop an environment that welcomes newcomers.
  • Encourage community outreach.
  • Provide lessons that empower youth to build a Biblical Worldview and develop a strong relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Provide follow-up discipleship and training for new believers.
  • Maintain a Christian sense of humor.


The Director of Children and Youth Ministries will develop and oversee a program, which includes children’s and youth ministry, (Kindergarten -5th), Middle School (6-8), Senior High (9-12).  This will include:

  • Planning, coordinating, reporting, and evaluating all children’s and youth activities.
  • Personal involvement in Middle School and High School weekly meetings.
  • Conducting special events approximately once a month for Middle School and High School Youth (i.e. socials, mission outreach, trips, and retreats)
  • Outreach and maintaining ongoing contact work with youth at functions outside the Church, such as school programs, drama, sports activities, band, etc.. Go where the youth are and build relationships!
  • Providing mission/service project opportunities both ongoing local and short-term summer projects (i.e. mission trips).
  • Working with the pastor on teaching Communicants’ Class.
  • Recruiting, training, and directing lay volunteer workers for all age groups, especially in the Children’s Ministry. For example, oversight of the VBS Program.
  • Enlisting the aid of experts when needs warrant (i.e. special counseling).
  • Counseling youth as per their individual needs and if necessary making referrals to the Pastor or other appropriate professional.
  • Providing a disciple-making environment for all youth.
  • Developing and Making needed adjustments in program to best serve the youth.
  • Working to develop an annual Senior High Mission Trip Ministry including fund-raising.
  • Maintain and train volunteers according to the Child Protection Policy.
  • Musical ability would be an asset, but not required.


The Director of Children and Youth Ministries will be under the direct authority of the Pastor and will work in a team structure with lay volunteers to:

  • Hold weekly meetings (or as needed) with the Pastor to review program goals and objectives.  Youth programs must be in line with the total mission and structure of Teays Valley Presbyterian Church.
  • Be a member of the Discipleship Ministry Team and will meet and report at least
  • Be familiar with and use social media and technology to communicate and promote the Children and Youth Ministries, including maintaining a Youth Page on the church website.
  • Establish relationships with other youth ministries/directors whose goals are compatible with those of the Teays Valley Presbyterian Church.
  • Communicate regularly with the congregation, such as providing monthly articles for the Valley Viewer Newsletter concerning information for children and youth ministries.
  • Build and Maintain relationships and communication with parents and other intergenerational ministry opportunities.
  • Attend Teays Valley Presbyterian Church regularly, including Sunday School.


An Annual Job Evaluation shall be given for the Director of Children and Youth Ministries by the Pastor and Chair of Discipleship Ministries.

Revised 10/2018