You are welcome here!

We know that visiting a new church can often be a little uncomfortable.  Where do I park? Where should I sit? What about my children?

We want your visit with Teays Valley Presbyterian to be a meaningful experience in which you celebrate the presence of God through worship and the warm welcoming of others.

Please know that when you visit, we will never single you out or draw special attention to you.

We do hope that our regular members will notice that they see someone they do not know and introduce themselves.

We have a welcome gift bag for our guests with more information about our church and an opportunity for you to tell us more about you and your interests.  You may place this information card in the offering plate or hand to the pastor or anyone as you leave.  This will give us an opportunity to contact you and find out if you have a need or if you would like to know more about the ministry. If you do not feel comfortable filling out the fellowship pad, no problem! We are blessed that the Lord has sent you to share the good news of Jesus Christ with us.

Join us for worship on Sundays at 10:00 AM. We strive to bring glory to God through our excellent music and Biblical preaching which seeks to explain how the wisdom of God’s Word anchors us in an ever-changing world.

Here are some answers to questions you might have.

  • Where do I park? The property holds an upper and lower lot. You’re welcome to park in either of these lots. You will also find specially marked handicapped spots near the entrance.
  • Will I know where to go? Once inside the front doors, you will find a lobby (which we sometimes refer to as the “narthex”) and the entrance to the sanctuary. The restrooms are just down the hall. Please ask an usher or greeter for any directions which you may need.
  • What will my children do? Children are welcome to join us for the first part of the service. During services, there is a “Children’s Message” in which the children are invited to come down to the first pew and participate in a time just for them.  Children, ages 5 and under are excused to “Children’s Church”, or they can return to sit with you.
  • What should I do about the “offering” at the end of the service? The simple answer is: whatever you want. Giving financially is something that our members and regular attendees are committed to, but as our guests, you should not feel compelled in any way to give if you don’t want to. Our giving, whether as a regular attendee or not, comes from our gratitude to give back to the Lord a portion of the many blessings which is shared with us. This offering is prayerfully used to support the ministry of Teays Valley Presbyterian Church and is how we finance the ministry we believe God has called us to.
  • What should I do when there is Communion? We celebrate the sacrament of Communion, or The Lord’s Supper, on the first Sunday of each month, and at other special services. In the sacrament of Holy Communion, we serve the bread, already prepared in small pieces, and juice, in individual cups. The elements are brought to the pews by the Elders as you remain in your seat.
  • As is the Presbyterian tradition, Communion is offered to anyone who is baptized and proclaims Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Children who have been baptized, and are being taught about what Communion means, are welcome to share in the sacrament.
  • What should I wear? The simple answer is: whatever you may desire and is appropriate for the worship of God. On Sunday mornings, you’ll find people wearing jeans, suits, and everything in between.